Saturday, January 19, 2008

Trevor Should Go To France More Often

I kind of like it when Trevor leaves me for a week and goes to France. Did I just say that? Let me explain. I'm spoiled rotten. I AM SPOILED ROTTEN. Back in June when Trevor went on his first business trip to Paris, he came home with a surprise for me. I love my designer hand bags, so he came home with a French designer hand bag for me. Texier. TEX (as in TEXas)-EEEE (the vowel "E")---AAA (the vowel "A"). Let's say it together now Texier. The leather is so soft. The quality is amazing. I had found my new hidden gem amongst designer brands. Trevor sure knows exactly what I like and found the perfect gift for me.

Second Trip to Paris. January 13-18. A dreadful, long, monotonous, desolate week. By myself. Me and Obie. One of the first times Trevor called from Paris this time, I get a request. "Honey can you do some laundry before I get home. I will be out of clean underwear when I get home." My response to him. "Yeah, I think I just put on my last clean undies after my shower today. I'll have to do some today." My plan was to do a load of lights and a load of darks. Do the darks first. They get done. Go to change the loads and put the darks in the dryer. Open the dryer. "What the **fill in choice word here**" A box in the dryer. Note attached from Trevor. Open the box. It's the SHEETS that I've wanted since day 1 of our marriage. It's the sheets that go along with our comforter/bed skirt/shams. We (HE) weren't (WASN'T) willing to pay $170 for the sheets. So we didn't get them. Every time that I went to Bed Bath & Beyond I went back to the bed section to see if they were on sale. To no avail, they were never cheaper. So that is the pre-Paris gift.

He got home Friday a bit after 5. We said our hello's and rekindled our love that was long forgotten (sense the sarcasm--I'm over dramatic when he leaves me!!) He has ANOTHER present for me. Were the sheets not enough? Welcome French designer No. 2 to my collection. Lamarthe. Phonetically: LA-MARRRRT. Say it in that sexy French accent now and roll that "R". It's actually very catchy. I can't stop saying it myself. Onto what he got me since he didn't actually buy the designer for me. He bought me a gorgeous red leather wallet. Help me out with some synonyms for gorgeous because gorgeous simply does not describe it. Why am I so spoiled? Why am I so lucky? Okay here's a picture of the wallet.

Now girls, I know all your guys cannot be like Trevor. Actually, I know they're actually far from perfect like my Trevor is. But you know what. There can only be one perfect guy in the world, right?

Friday, January 18, 2008

A traveling man...

I got my first real example of being a big world traveling businessman this past week. My boss asked me to take a trip (alone) to Paris to train our newly (6 months ago) acquired company how to use a CRM program that I manage. Initially, the thought of traveling across the country alone, to train people who speak a different language, made me apprehensive. I agreed and Sunday night I took a taxi to the airport to catch my red-eye flight (which is the ONLY way to go for this kind of flight). The benefits of flying to Europe with my company is that because of the length of the trip I get to fly Business Class!! The ticket seriously cost $5500...can you believe that?!?!

There are some nice perks that come with your $5500 ticket, though it would NEVER be worth that much of MY money. Right now, I am sitting in the United "Red Carpet Club" which is where the really special people, who spend too much time flying, get to hang out. You get free access when you spend $5500 though...a nice perk. The seats in Business Class are very nice: They recline almost completely making sleeping much more enjoyable, you get a nice 3 course meal (with free alcohol if you so choose), and you have much more space to yourself (no middle seats). My flight in was quite enjoyable though the trip from the US to Europe takes a toll on your body...I woke up at 4 am unable to sleep during my first night.

This is now my second time in Paris, with my first time being to attend the AirShow at Le Bourget. While the airshow was quite memorable, I enjoyed myself more this time because my entire week wasn't planned for me. My new co-workers were very friendly and went out of their way to make sure I was able to enjoy their city. Tuesday night Cedric (an IT guy I was working a lot with lately) took me to Paris for Thai food (which was AMAZINGLY good) and then he took me on a tour de Paris via car. He showed me all the major sites that I learned about in junior high French class including: La Tour Eiffel, Champs Elysees (avec l'arc de Triumph), the Mayor's house (which puts the white house to shame), Notre Dame, Sacre Couer (from a distance), la Louvre, le Musee d'Orsay, and much more. It was absolutely fabulous to see all of these monuments in person after learning so much about them.

The next night, the President of this company took me to le Centre du George Pompidou which is an amazing museum of modern art. I am not an art buff...and especially not modern art...but seeing Picasso's work in person was something special. Some of the art was "tres bizarre" but others were "c'est magnifique," even from a skeptic like myself. Then dinner was on the top level of the museum which overlooked the Mayor's house, Notre Dame, and la Tour Eiffel (in the distance). It was a very memorable night. I found the French people to be amazingly friendly and more than willing to accommodate me and my English (with occasional French speckled in as I got more comfortable)!! I was shocked to see how many people could speak English (and quite well).

I can't wait to come back here sometime when I can have my wife with me to experience it. I made it a point to skip going to the really big attractions so we can experience them together one day!! I found Paris to be the most beautiful city I have seen in person. The details in the building and the materials they are built with are just stunning. Buildings in America are built to last for a century...theirs are built to last for a millennium!! Much like Americans, the people of Paris love their country and feel it is the most wonderful place. I didn't feel any animosity or contempt from the people there though...while we hear about their dislike of Americans, I didn't feel this at any point. I was warmly embraced everywhere I went. Anyone who enjoys traveling must put Paris on their agenda...they even have EuroDisney if you need a splash of America while you are there!!