Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sexy at EIGHT?

I ran into this article this morning on MSN while going to check my hotmail (Trevor speaking) and my mind is just racing as a soon to be daddy of a little girl:

I fully expect girls in middle school to be riddled with questions of her body and how she looks and getting pressures from friends and such. Its unfortunate but part of where life is right now. But in this article, it sounds like its starting WAY back in the early grade school years. I can't imagine having a kid come home from 1st grade and asking what a BJ is. I don't even know how I'd react, even thinking about that situation for like 10 minutes now I still don't know how I'd react!!

I know most of our readers have started families now and have young kids...I'd be very curious to hear your thoughts on this? Has it come to this even in the midwest where values seem to be taken more serious? What do you think is to blame for this escalation? Have any of you encountered any of this yet with your kids or even others?

Reading this article just made me sad for this new generation of kids. The pressures they are going to feel and at SUCH a young age. I know about the age I was when sex first become something I was aware of...I was MUCH MUCH older, like 6th/7th grade. I don't know if I was even ready for it at that age though. I remember my first girlfriend in 5th grade...we never even kissed. I remember my first kiss, which was before that, it was from a friends neighbor and I basically ran away! haha Now it seems like this is all starting so much is that going to affect kids? Will it affect them at all?

I kinda slid this in between what will be a two part series on our vacation, but I wanted to see what people's thoughts were on this AND get you parents ready for what could be a very early start to sex ed with our generation of children!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Vacation Part 1 - Wausau, Wisconsin

The Rasmussen Family Reunion - Wausau, Wisconsin - July 18-20
We stayed at a newly built Holiday Inn Express for Friday and Saturday night. On Saturday we met Trevor's, what seemed to be, hundreds relatives at a park for a reunion. We engaged in a cribbage tournament, too much eating, an adult pinata, fun, and games. Unfortunately, the hands dealt to us for the cribbage tournament (Trevor and I were partners) did now allow for us to much of anything as far as winning.

Later on at the hotel, the kiddos had their way with the pool area and played for hours!