Friday, October 22, 2010

Please pray for our friends...

We just got an email from our friends, the Hedins, they have twin girls born at (I believe) 28 weeks. They were both VERY tiny and way behind in development. They've been at the NICU at Childrens since they were born and are now ALMOST full term (39 weeks). Amanda emailed me this morning with some sad news, the littlest one, Eden, was put back on a ventilator this morning. This is apparently a huge setback in her development.

Here is an exerpt from their blog:
"Today was the toughest day thus far, our hearts are aching with how difficult it has been. Eden was having trouble breathing all day, she was almost exclusively needing 100% oxygen when her MD decided that she needed to be reintubated (put back on the ventilator). He said she was so close to falling off the cliff, and he hated to have her struggling for every breath. Her reintubation was not easy because she has an anterior airway and her energy reserves were low to begin. She spent 4 weeks off the ventilator doing so well with her nasal cannula and her O2 needs were low, so we just don't know why this is happening. She is doing better now that she is on the ventilator. We however have been pushed to the breaking point. I seriously don't know how much more we can handle. I personally feel like my heart is crumbling into a thousand pieces, this setback is so huge we just don't know when she will be coming home"
I know I haven't updated in a while but I felt like this was very important and I wanted to make sure our new friends were doused in prayer during this tough time. I'll be posting on here more often again though...just stay tuned!