Saturday, September 27, 2008

We're finally back!

Well its been a while since our last blog. Sorry about that everyone...we'll get better about this now that things have settled down some.

We had a wild couple of weeks. Moving day was CRAZY! Jason and Ryan took the MEGABUS down to help us move, we really appreciated that help, I think we'd STILL be moving if they hadn't come! It was fun to get to spend some time with them again too.

It was hard to say goodbye to all our friends down there in IL, but ultimately we feel very confident this was the right move. Packing up the truck took about twice as long as we had hoped which put us WAY behind. Its amazing how much stuff you have. We got rid of so much and we still had so much stuff. The truck didn't roll into MN until about 11 pm so unpacking was not an option until Sunday (opening day for the NFL). The next morning we managed to get about four people to come and help us unpack the truck and put everything into our storage unit and we were even done by around 10 am so we were home for the games!

We are so glad to be done with the moving phase for now...its such a tiring process...though we realize we have another move in front of us in the next 6 months (we think). Our next one should be much easier though as most of our stuff is still in boxes in storage!

Well for those of you who don't know, we are living at Meghan's parents house in White Bear Lake. It's not a bad set up. We have two bedrooms, our own bathroom, and a living room area that is pretty much our own space in the basement. Obviously living on our own would be ideal, but we are SO thankful for Meghan's parents for helping us during this transition. We do feel very thankful for how God has answered our prayers in providing a home for us to live in, getting us back in MN, and finding someone to rent our house. The process didn't go like I would have scripted it, but ultimately he took care of us and I am sure I will look back on it and see the amazing wisdom in why it happened.

Right now we are back in WI for our FINAL trip out of town until likely Christmas. I think of all the great things about MN, this is my favorite. I am so exhausted from all our travelling while living in IL, so now the only time we have to travel is to visit my family (rather than both of our families). We have a shower for Meghan today and then Eliya's birthday party later in the day so today will be busy but Sunday should be relaxing...well as long as the Twins can get some wins!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

T minus TWO days in Illinois

I can't believe we are actually moving back to Minnesota. I am filled with many different emotions as I sit here thinking about it. Mostly I am exhausted right now. Work is overwhelmingly busy right now which makes the rest of life SO much crazier. I am struggling to find time to get all my work done. At the same time we are packing, getting everything taken care of for the move, and of course renting out our place. I haven't really had time to think about how much I am going to our great friends here. While I am excited to be around everyone up in MN again, we've made some great friends here that we are going to miss dearly! To all of you from our group, you all have a special place in our hearts, thanks for being a part of our first year of marriage and our lives in IL! Our lives would have been so boring if it wasn't for all of you.

Just tonight I finally rented out our house here!! After trying to sell for over 4 months we just gave up on that mission and we are pulling our house off the market. We found a young family that is REALLY excited about living in our house. They signed a one year lease which means we'll be able to start saving up a down payment right away starting next month and then hopefully in 3-6 months we can be back on our own again!

To everyone back in MN, we hope to have time to spend with all of you in the coming month! We are going to be busy with a lot of things, but we can't wait to get in touch with you all again and pick up our friendships where they left off! Everyone down here in IL, we won't forget you and we'll be back to see you after we have our little girl so you can all meet her!

Sorry no pictures with this one! I'll try to get back to blogging again when things settle back down some in October...until my baby comes...then who knows!! haha