Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Bowl Ads

I am a HUGE football fan, but I'll confess the reasons I watch the Super Bowl in seasons where the Packers are not it are:
1) Funny commercials
2) Last chance to watch football for like 6 months

I was a little disappointed in #1 this year (though the game was GREAT) but there were some real good ones...just fewer to choose from. With this economy though I expected things to not be what they usually are! To make my list, you need 2 things, make me laugh and be creative. If you lack either I will likely forget your previews and tv show ads do not count. Some companies (like GoDaddy) continue to push the lines with their sexually charged commercials and honestly, that is so like 5 years ago. Most people are past that and honestly if I need to register a domain name, GoDaddy is NOT getting my business.

So without further ado, here is Trevor's Top 5 Favorite Commercials from the 2009 Super Bowl:
#5 - Cheetos - Power of Crunch: Not a uber creative commercial, but it made me laugh and I liked the end how his luck ran out IMMEDIATELY after the bag was empty. This wouldn't have made my list most years though...weak competition in 2009.

#4 - Bud Light Meeting: Being a marketer...I can relate to the person mention cutting back marketing cause that seems to be one of the first cuts in times like this...its usually people like them that don't have a clue that come up with it too. How proposterous to come up with the idea of cutting the Bud Light from the budget!! I laughed hard when I saw the guy fly out of the building...not too unrealistic though (well at least their reaction wasn't).

#3 - Teleflora'sTalking Flowers: This commercial is a juggernaut but not a good enough one to crack my top 3. This makes it here for two is that its INGENIOUS from a marketing perspective with V-day about 2 weeks away...captive audience of mostly men...Teleflora will BLOW up cause of this. I thought this commercial was really funny though too, especially when the flowers say "no one wants to see you naked" at the end!

#2 - Doritos - Free Doritos: Every man is up for a good hit to the junk commercial. These are almost relics these days but that makes them funny again. There was a time when these were the norm in the Super Bowl but they are more rare these days which makes them funny again.

#1 - E-Trade Singing Babies: I am a sucker for these E-Trade commercials...I admit that. When the baby started singing I lost it! I love these commercials and this one was GREAT. Slam dunk...I knew this was the winner right after seeing it!

I give a special honorable mention to two commercials:
HM #1 - Miller Lite's 1 second mock your biggest rival like this (Bud spent about $35 mil just in advertising time...not including what they spend in creation) was stinkin AWESOME!

HM #2 - Career Builder: The core of the idea was wonderful and I think it could have been a really funny commercial but it was too repetative that made me actually get sick of it before it was even over the first time. They could rebuild this one into a really funny one though!

What are your thoughts? Did I miss one that you loved?

Monday, February 2, 2009

The First Few Days

Greetings from sunny, warm, not-humid, gorgeous Grand Cayman. We enjoyed our first two full days on the Caribbean island. On Sunday hopped in the car and drove up to Rum Point where we ate lunch on the beach. The view was fantastic. Rum Point has some of the most amazing stretch of ocean and beach on Grand Cayman. It was a real treat to get to spend some time there. We plan on going back for a day at the beach, and I cannot wait. Addison got her first touch of the ocean at Rum Point.

Then we went to Georgetown where 90% of the shops were closed (most of the island closes down on Sunday). We had some ice cream at DQ and took a short ride up 7 Mile Beach where we reminisced about our honeymoon and saw the Marriott (where we stayed) and some of the restaurants we ate at. Then it was back to our condo for pizza and snacks during the Super Bowl.

Monday was a day of relaxing. We stayed out in the sun most of the day; Addison in her Bounce 'n Play.

For dinner we went to the Lighthouse where Addison slept the whole time, and we were able to enjoy a dinner in peace and quiet for once!