Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekends filled with excitement

Meghan and I live for the weekends. The week is fine and dandy, but the weekends allow us to have the most fun! Last weekend, my family invited us up to spend the long weekend with them and have a cookout...and cookout we did, Rasmussen style! My dad is known among my friends for serving up a mean steak, and he rarely disappoints!! He didn't this weekend either. Saturday night was make your own shish kabobs and they were GOOOOOD! Sunday night was even better though big ole Ribeyes and King Crab. I have never been a crab (or most fish) person, but it was pretty dang good. We really had a blast spending the weekend with my family, it was SO relaxing. We didn't really have any agenda so we just talked, played card games, hung with the kids, etc. One night we played $#!$ on your neighbor and the other night it was Hold'em. I ended up winning money in both rounds of hold'em, so I still got it!! :-) The weekend was capped off with a rocket launching of our own...Krista and Bill got Sheldon a rocket launcher for his birthday so after spending a good part of the weekend assembling it, we walked (well most of "us" hehe) down to the end of the street where there was a field. The rocket launched twice with no problems and the kids were elated with joy!! Now I have to find a way to get Sheldon a present that he will even want to play with! How do you beat a rocket that shoots hundreds of feet into the air?!?!?!

This weekend we are heading up to Minnesota. We are making a stop at our wonderful home in Rochester on Friday night to see the Bristols and to hopefully fix a leaky door. It will be nice to see them again, but they are also coming to see US soon...we sure do love visitors down here!! Then its up to Minnesota to help my wife alleviate her yearning for something I can't fulfill...watching the Twins! haha We have MLBtv now (thanks for all the suggestions from her last desperate post) but there is nothing like GOING to a game. The Roelofs and Hidlebaughs will be joining us for the night so we are really excited! By "we" I mean Meghan and by "excited" I mean overflowing with joy!! ;-)

On a side note, we FINALLY had another showing here on Wednesday. No word yet though but it was nice to actually have someone interested though!! Keep us in your prayers with this, we'd really like to move on OUR terms after selling our place. We find out the sex of our baby in ONE month (for those of you wondering) and we are so pumped for it! I hope you all have a great weekend planned ahead of you!!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Let's make this clear, no we're not having twins. This post is, however, about the Minnesota Twins. I miss them. I miss watching them on TV, going to games, etc. The highlight of the last three days of my life has been that I have been able to watch them on TV because they had a series here in Chicago against the White Sox. I could barely tolerate their less-than-bright commentators (I miss you Blyleven and Bremer), though just being in pure awe of actually being able to enjoy watching the Twins made it all worth it. We have this great thing called satellite TV (which actually I am not ecstatic about satellite TV itself) that has MLB Extra Innings where you can watch ANY game you want. It is costly, however, and we are too poor (baby, moving) to afford it. Though I perhaps would give up just about anything to be able to add that package onto our already $84/month DirecTV bill. I'm taking contributions. Meanwhile this Friday and Saturday you can find me depressed as ever just thinking about the Twins playing. Sunday and Monday should be better days when the nationally broadcast game versus the Red Sox on ESPN is on. Then there is a long drought for me. I hope to survive.