Sunday, November 9, 2008

Its been a while...guess why?!?

We are now proud parents of a little baby girl!!

Little Addison Marie was born on Monday, November 3rd at 5:56 am after being at the hospital for almost 20 hours. She was a little stubborn coming out as you might imagine but after 3 tough hours of pushing for Meghan our little one is finally here. She is gorgeous too I might add! :-)

About this time, one week ago we got off the phone with a nurse at the hospital who told us we needed to get there sometime in the next hour. Meg's water was leaking so we knew our time had come. Unfortunately our baby still didn't want to join us so Pitosin was administered after a few hours to move the process along. Since it was a Sunday, we had football games on all day to distract Meg from what was happening...luckily the Vikings came through as did her fantasy football team so she was in high spirits (don't confuse that with me cheering for them or something though).

After hours of painful contractions, Meg finally gave in and asked for an epidural to ease some of the pains as she still had a lot of labor to go. We got a little rest and at about 2 am, I was woken up from a deep sleep (about 2 hours of sleep that night for me and none for Meg) and informed that it was time to push.

Addison has been a wonderful little girl for us! She struggling with getting night and day a little confused at this point so we've had a few LONG nights. I think we are starting to learn things we can do to help her have longer sleeping at night though...we'll see if it works or not. Last night was a tough one but so far tonight we had to wake her for her first feeding which was a great thing...I hope its like that all night! I am working on a website for Addison which will have lots of fun pictures and a fun little blog from her perspective (as well as one from mom and dad) though we'll keep this one going as time permits of course! haha If you want that web address, let me know!