Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Results Are In!

I know many of you have been eagerly and patiently awaiting the results of the pet contest that Obie was in on Sunday. We got a knock on the door today, and it was the person who sponsored the party. She delivered Obie his very own giftcard to Petsmart! YAY! Don't tell Obie because he might be disappointed, but he only got second place. But STILL, HE WON. Now he can be spoiled with more new clothes or beds or something of the like since he can't have treats anymore.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Well, since we do not have any human children, we consider our dog like a child and often times treat him as one. (I know, pathetic.) Trevor brought a flier to me on Friday evening that advertised a costume contest for children and pets at our local community park. Since we already had Obie's costume, I just could not resist taking him to the contest. I had to pry Trevor away from the television and computer (football consumes our Sundays), and we went to the park. Trevor got a free hot dog and orange soda, and I got a bag of Doritos and Diet Coke. (The contest was sponsored by a realtor who was getting her name out there.) We made a pumpkin together, got Obie's picture taken, had some snacks, and hung out for about a half hour. The first prize for the contest is a $50 gift card to Petco, second place $25 to Petco. As it happens, we were the only people who brought a pet for the contest (but there was still an hour and a half left after we left). However, Obie's costume was so cute that I do not know how we could not win. Happy Halloween everyone!

Getting on the right track!

Meghan and I know how much of a strain money can be on marriage...I heard about it for years in my single life and now as a married man I've already seen it. We made a decision to do something drastic to get ourselves off on the right foot though. Last night we sold my Grand Prix. Woh right? Those of you that know me well know this was my baby! I loved that car, but I love the idea having no credit card debt in our lives more. I hate credit cards, I hate debt.

Anyway, we made the decision to sell the car months ago but finally got a started a few weeks ago. Our first interested person turned out to be a scammer...GREAT...luckily I know all their tricks. Well we had an ad in and also in Craigslist. On Wednesday I decided to knock the price down 500 after really no real responses on our first price (it was really high, but worth a shot, right). Anyway, that same day I get an email from a student at Purdue that wanted the car...badly. To make a long story short, we ended up agreeing on a price that she could afford and that was fair for us and last night she came to buy it.

It was a very sad and happy time but I feel good about it. Its going to be a struggle having only one car, but with Meghan working from home I think we'll be fine! During the car ride home we talked about how amazed we are that we are going to have so little debt in such a short time given what we've been through so far in our three months of marriage. Somehow we managed to spend over 10K remodeling the entire lower level of our rental house in Rochester and not be out a dime. Our God takes such great care of us...we are so thankful for him. We made the decision together early this summer that we will always tithe no matter how tight it was...knowing that he'd always take care of us and I have seen him do it so many amazing ways already, even when I doubted! I have such a great feeling about things now!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lets give it a try...

Well as many of your know, I used to be a big blogger. I went back and forth with writing about life and topics I found interesting. I decided I miss this part of my life. I was thinking a lot more when I was blogging...about big topics...I like thinking and using my brain. I also need a way to keep in touch with my friends so here I am again. This time, this is a blog for both Meghan and I, but I imagine you'll see more from me than her!

So cousin Julie (Meghan's cousin) is in town and she stayed with us last night. I had to go downtown to get her last night...which is kind of a crazy idea. So I decided instead to take the Metra...yeah the train. Can I just tell you (especially those in MN with no real train system like this) you haven't lived until you've had the convenience of the metra. I got downtown in 30 minutes from my office, co-workers told me it would have taken 1.5 hours to drive. What an amazing was well work the $3.50 I paid!! :-) We finally got home a little after 7 and then headed out to Vicky's (one of our fav. lowkey local places) for some dinner. We rented a movie called Domestic Disturbance...its a thriller from like 5 years ago staring Vince Vaughn as a bad guy. I liked it. Nice twists and it was only 86 min long which is a great movie length! Anyone remember that movie?