Saturday, March 28, 2009

Going to Paris and London for $300?

It has been planned that I would join Trevor on his every-other-yearly trip to Paris for the Paris Air Show for two years now. What made this trip even better was that we were going to visit Patrick and Susan in London after Trevor's business part of the trip was done. My brother and sister-in-law moved to London for two years in September 2008. They have not met Addison yet.

A few weeks ago when Trevor was in LA on business, he met with his boss, who told him that the company was cutting costs. No layoffs (thank you God); however, Trevor's name was taken off the list to go to Paris.

I had already purchased my ticket via WorkPerks miles. There was no way in my mind that we weren't going to make this trip that we had been planning for two whole years! Trevor's boss knew we had purchased tickets and knew we were going to vacation after Paris, so he was very apologetic. Trevor's boss (Mike) came up with a compromise. If Trevor could get to and from Europe, then the rest of the trip would be paid for (meals, hotel, transportation) in Paris. What a relief! The cost for round trip coach class ticket on the flight I was already booked on was only $4000! Well, Mike offered Trevor his own WorldPerks miles so that we could make this possible. Talk about having the world's best boss.

So we paid a grand total of about $300 for round trip tickets from MSP to Paris and London to MSP. (We are taking the Chunnel train from Paris to London.) I am so excited for this opportunity to go to Europe again and explore some cities and countries I have not visited yet. Or wait, have I visited London? Here is a picture I found of us at the Somerset House doing some ice skating!
P.S. For a cute pic of my bro and SIL in London, click here:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Growing Like a Weed

For those of you who are not on Facebook, you probably do not get as many updates on Addison as the rest of the world. (Hint, hint--get on Facebook, it's the cool thing to do.) Anyway, she is getting so big and developing daily. Here are some updated videos and photos of our little munchkin.

Rolling over on February 13th

Our little home girl

In her pretty spring dress the whole thing, the end is the best!

Playing in her ExerSaucer

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Birthday of Choices

Trevor likes to talk big and taunt me with presents and surprises. This birthday was no different. I personally think he wanted to go down in history as Husband of the Year. He gave me vague hints and multiple times told me that I did not choose to listen to his hints, which I came to find later was a hint in itself.

When my birthday finally came, or rather two days before my birthday because Trevor couldn't wait any longer to give it to me, I opened the card only to find a CD enclosed. On the CD was a Powerpoint presentation made by the one and only Trevor. The Powerpoint presentation was where I would make my choices. The first screen informed me that I had a 60-minute massage scheduled at 3 p.m. on Saturday (3/7) with Kate at Aveda in downtown White Bear Lake. The next screen was where I had to pick one of three choices. I had to pick from a facial, mani/pedi, and new hairdo/highlights. I decided to go with the facial (a little taste of Heaven as my SIL Krista so nicely put it). My final decision was to pick between four things. The first choice was to go to two Twins games this year. The second choice was to shop and pick out a new "sexy" outfit (as Trevor put it) and go out to an "average-priced" dinner. The third option was dinner at the Melting Pot. The final option was a "night on the town" which included some activities at Block E in Minneapolis, which included dinner, movie, Shout House (dueling pianos), and of course GameWorks. I choose Melting Pot.

To back track a little bit, I was given a few days to make my choices, until my birthday to be exact. My reasoning for choosing the facial over the mani/pedi and hair was simple: I just got my toes done by Krista a few weeks ago and didn't need that done, and I didn't want to keep paying the maintenance every few months to keep getting my hair highlighted. My reasoning for choosing Melting Pot over the other choices was also somewhat simple after talking through it. We always go to a Twins game or two every year anyway, so why take it as a birthday present (sorry Trev, the truth comes out!). I did not want to buy a new outfit because I am in the process of losing weight, so having an outfit that I would wear maybe once didn't make sense to me. I chose not to do the night on the town because when it came down to my last two choices, Melting Pot blew a night on the town out of the water.

I have yet to set up my appointment for my facial, but we did go to the Melting Pot on Saturday where we were able to easily spend well over a hundred dollars (and that included a free chocolate fondue!) Unfortunately, our camera was left in the car, so we do not have any pictures to post. However, the food was outstanding, the little enclosed table with curtain was very romantic, and I could not have enjoyed myself any more.


Monday, March 9, 2009

A tough week ahead...

I knew this day would come but I managed to put it off for FOUR months...

Today is my first business trip (without my baby coming along). Honestly, its going to be hard to not see my little girl (and my wife) for most of the work week! I am accustomed to spending so much time around her lately that I think I am going to go into withdrawals by Tuesday night! Luckily my wife has family here now to support her while I am gone which gives me some peace of mind! She'll do well though, Meg really has this parenting thing down!

On a positive note, Addison is doing great! Addison is healthy and growing her four month checkup we found out she is 11 pounds 13 ounces now and 24 inches long. She's long and skinny, does that like anyone you know?? haha I am sure she will love to be blessed with my skinny genes if that is the case! There isn't much that is harder to endure though than watching your helpless little 4 month old baby get shots though. I have NEVER heard her cry like that though! We are expecting a new cousin for Addison in the coming weeks which will be so fun for her...Meghan and I each had a cousin about the same age as us and we have fond memories of us hanging out together!! We can't wait to meet little baby Vik!