Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Describe 3 legitimate fears...

Okay so I forgot about the blog thing so we'll try this again. haha Day two a week or so later is about describing three legitimate fears you have and how they became your fears.

  1. Losing Job/Being Unemployed - This is a tough one because I am living through one of my biggest fears. Back in February I got a tough call from my boss that they were letting me go as part of a reduction in workforce. My world began to close in on me. See as a man, the leader of the house, and the primary money maker of the house, I get a lot of my pride and joy out of knowing that I am providing for my family. Right now, my income has taken a dramatic hit, that is hard to adjust to. Its also a pride issue. Being out of a job, even if its of no fault of your own, makes you feel like somewhat of a failure... failure to myself, my family, everything. God has something great in store though and I still have full faith that something great is coming down the line but this has been a tough, learning experience. 
  2. Something Happening to Meghan - This one is kind of obvious. There isn't a more important person in my life. She is my best friend, the person I spend the most time with, and the last person I talk to every night before bed. I can't imagine how my life would change if she got really sick, hurt or died. Not only would it change how I lived but it would affect me emotionally like nothing else.
  3. Something Happening to the Kids - I was watching a preview for a new movie and they said "You haven't truly loved someone until you've wiped someone's butt" and while its funny, its so true! I can't even put into words the depth of love I have for these two kids. If someone harmed them, I would go absolutely crazy on that person. I can't imagine getting up in the morning and not getting hugs from them. I can't imagine not hearing "I love you daddy" from one of them. 
So these were somewhat obvious but I don't have a ton of fears. I worked through my fear of speaking in front of people and now actually enjoy it and seek out jobs that will allow me to be in front of people. I do have a legitimate fear of heights too...it doesn't stop me from things like roller coasters or tall buildings BUT bungee jumping or skydiving are OUT of the question. What are your fears!?!?

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