Wednesday, May 30, 2012

List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.

Ugh of course this would make me go back to high school, the least favorite years of my life. I think a lot of mine are going to be re-affirming myself as that is the age where I really started to make some smart decisions in my life. This is the age where I really figured out what would be important in my life and who would be important in my life so here we go:
  1. You are making the right decision in dumping ALL your friends and investing in the kids at church. These kids are going to be amazingly important in defining who you are and who you will become. Many of them will be people you keep in touch with throughout college and even as an adult through this great invention called Facebook (its on the internet which is this great tool you know very little about but will one day take up a little too much of your time).
  2. Try to find some more challenging jobs. Sure working at Mr. Cinders was an interesting experience but its not going to get you a career as a waiter, Al doesn't like male servers. Just go look for some jobs in the business world that will get you an edge in the future! 
  3. You are right, prom is WAY overrated and not worth your time. I know there were a lot of factors about why you didn't go (not interested in anyone at that time, anti-prom, a little bit afraid of rejection, etc) but honestly as you suspect its not something you will ever regret missing. 
  4. Be more bold. This affects a lot of areas of your life but you were kind of a chicken in high school and it extended into college. Be more bold in asking girls out, rejection isn't THAT bad and its fun getting to know people one on one like that. Share about your faith and the things that are important to you. If you don't open yourself up you are stunting your growth as a person! 
  5. Work on forming good habits now. Start spending time in the Bible every only gets harder when those habits aren't there. 
  6. Find a best friend. I know you just dumped all your friends but you need someone that you can talk to about anything. You didn't really have one of those in high school, so find one and invest heavily! 
  7. Brush off the jerks. Honestly kids in high school are so insecure they are usually picking out the things they are insecure about and projecting it onto you. Don't let their insecurities change who you are! 
  8. Do stuff to make the world a better place. Take advantage of not having responsibilities and get out there and experience the world. Do missions trips with church. Help out those who need help. These are the things that mold you into a great person.
  9. Listen to your parents. Believe it or not, they are pretty smart people and only want to see you succeed in life. One day you will realize this and wish you would have shown them all the love and respect they deserved (though you were pretty good to them compared to others). 
  10. Keep pursuing music. Sure you won't make a career out of it but heck Karaoke is a blast and it makes you feel good about yourself that you are great at something! 
So there we advice to 16 year old Trevor who was actually a pretty well adjusted kid. It was a challenge but a fun exercise to look back at what I would have changed or re-affirmed! 

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